Alrayan Shisha Molases

I just started smoking some new shisha recently and the flavor is over the top! This new shisha is called Alrayan and it hails from Jordan. Now when you want good shisha there are only a few places that make the best and thats Jordan, Egypt, and Israel. From opening the box you get a strong sweet flavor that you can smell instantly. This is a shisha tobacco so there is nicotine in it, you will get a buzz. The nicotine concentrate is .05% which is pretty much the industry standard like with Al-Fakher and Nakhla. Now this shisha isnt over dyed either, it comes in a light red color and is pretty wet, its not overly wet though. I like how this shisha tastes, its very sweet and goes well as a desert shisha. I like to eat dinner and then go smoke a bowl because its so sweet like candy. I love how the flavors taste and how natural they really taste. The grape tastes just like fresh grapejuice, peach tastes like fresh peaches, vanilla tastes like vanilla cake, and the blue aroma tastes like blueberries. There is a long lasting sweet aftertaste. This shisha is a really good shisha for the price. I love smoking this stuff so much I smoked almost everything I got already. So to see more about this shisha you can watch my video reviews, as always Im Daniel Springs, keep smoking!