The HEKK hookah

The HEKK hookah is in a class of its own, hand made in Estonia. This was a small project that started in someones garage and erupted into a company that shares its gem with the world. The first feature you will notice is the hand crafted box that houses the hookah inside. The box makes this hookah portable with its unique shoulder strap. Once you open the removable panel that hides the hookah inside you will find a unique and well made windguard that ensures that your coal will not be lost while traveling with this hookah. Below you will find a small but practical bowl (head), that holds up to about 20 grams of shisha if loaded properly. Below the bowl you will find a short hand crafted body that houses the stem and the very unique purge (carb) valve, which is screwed atop a metal water bottle. The purge (carb) valve is fixed to the body and you cannot remove it so this makes it very nice when you plan on using this hookah with a lot of motion. The water bottle is a great idea because you can use the cap that is included and take the perfect amount of water with you in case you cant find a good water source around your travels. The hose is a long silicone hose with no tip that connects the hose to the body of the hookah, the hose simply presses over the spout and sticks there by its own force. Leading up to the handle of the hose you will find a hand crafted wooden handle with metal mouthtip. Its very nice and comfortable to hold and smoke from and visually matches the box that houses the hookah for they stain it the same color. Something that also sets this hookah apart from all others is the customization their engravement option. You can literally get anything you want engraved into the box of the hookah. This includes text, graphics, or logos. This hookah works very well while traveling or moving around and it smokes really well sitting still. For more information and to see it in action you can watch my review on this hookah.