HJ Harmony Bowl

HJ Harmony Phunnel Bowl

      When it comes to smoking hookah there is one key element to focus on and where it all starts and thats the bowl. With the Harmony Phunnel bowl you can smoke for a good amount of time and keep your flavor. This bowl is called a phunnel bowl because of the spire that rises from the center of the bowl and has a hole in the top that looks like a phunnel hense the name Phunnel Bowl.

    These bowls are great because they do not limit the amount of flavor you get from your shisha and the smoke time because the flavor and molases is held in the resevior of the bowl and the spire keeps the juices locked in. Traditional bowls have the holes in the bottom and you can draw your flavor and molases down into the shaft and water wasting your flavor and cutting your shisha's life down. The idea behind the phunnel bowl is to keep as much flavor and life in your shisha for as long as possible. Now the Harmony bowl has the perfect mix of function as well as form. The spire and hole are not so big that it consumes too much air so that you get a good dense smoke but you also have a large resevior that holds about 20 to 25 grams of shisha and you can smoke comfortably with 2-3 coals on an hour session easy.

     For more time smoking you can start out with 2 coals and add 2 more when those coals have burned two thirds of the way down. I love this bowl because of the great color and accent it gives my hookah. I have the KM Pharos hookah and the earthtone color in the Harmony bowl accents the copper of this pipe very well. The Harmony bowl comes in a range of colors and is handmade and I would have to say is very much worth your time and money. I am used to smoking through vortex bowls but this phunnel has won me over. I love how well it works. You can use this bowl on any style of hookah from modern to Egyptian and it will perform amazingly. Not only does it add accent to your hookah and perform well but it also adds another 4 inches to your hookahs height and adds that much more room to fill with smoke. So to check this thing out go watch my YouTube video and see for yourself. Im Daniel Springs and as always, Keep Smoking!