Khalil Mamoon 31" Burj Oxidized Hookah

The 31" Khalil Mamoon Burj Oxidized hookah is one of a kind. I call the Khalil Mamoon line of hookahs the Lamborghini of hookahs because thats the quality you are going to get from this Egyptian style hookah. It is so well crafted that I think that you could use the hookah itself to survive a zombie apocolypse and keep smoking it. It is so heavily made that you will know exactly where your money was spent. From the ash tray down the shaft and into the stem this hookah is made thick and heavy. There is no lack of style with this hookah as you travel down the shaft seeing the intricate designs crafted into the shaft. It houses a gold and oxidized theme promoting style and function. The base is wrapped in gold leaf with a golden lion walking with confidence along the base. You can see the craftmanship looking at each weld and the engraving doesnt stop at the shaft, it continues into the stem as well. I have adopted this hookah as my primary because it smokes like no other. I have a few Egyptians and this is by far my favorite. The draw is smooth and will take your breath away every time. Although I use a vortex bowl on mine, it does come with your standard Egyptian bowl and you can use whatever bowl you want on this hookah because it takes other bowls just as well. I would have to rate this hookah 10 out of 10 because of design, look, quality, and functionality. If you are looking for an upgrade look no further because you will not be let down from this hookah. For more information on this hookah check out my video review, and as always Im Daniel Springs, keep smoking!

The 31" khalil Mamoon Burj Oxidized Hookah