We want to thank all our customers for making Smoking-Hookah.com what it is today. Smoking-Hookah.com has been aquired by a new management group.

"We hope to provide the best service possible. While we are new and will need some time to catch up to how Smoking-Hookah.com operates, our goal is to provide the best service and products in the hookah industry. As the customer, we want you to let us know if we are doing something different that you do not like and vice versa if you you like smething. We have added many new products to the lineup and will be updating the hookahs and e-hookahs in the coming weeks. If we have deleted a prduct that you really want please let us know and we will do our best to get that product. We are hoping to make Smoking-Hokahs.com the #1 hookah website in the world!"

-New Management