Lately I have been smoking a new brand of shisha tobacco named Samba. Samba makes me think of a style of dance rather than a shisha. The first flavor I smoked was the Hawaiian Pineapple, next came All Night Long. The scent that came from the shishas was very pleasant and I enjoyed the flavor of the smoke just as much as smelling the unsmoked tobacco. This tobacco has 0.05% nicotine and when I would review the shisha in video I would take a draw from my hookah to warm it up and when I would stand up to start the camera I could instantly feel a buzz. This shisha gave me a good buzz from start to end. Next I notice that the shisha is a pretty raw tobacco that has been minced with all the stems removed, very wet in texture as well. The packaging and labeling is very simple and easy to read and understand. So its wet, gives off a good buzz and it doesnt contain any dyes that color the shisha like other brands on the market. So you dont have to worry if you have a food allergy to dyes. After reviewing this shisha I left my hookah in my studio by itself for about 20 minutes while I was working on collecting all the data for the video and realized I had forgotten to take pictures of the products themselves. When I returned I picked up my hose and started smoking again and it was like I had never left, the shisha still had flavor and hadnt burned from the coal just sitting on it. I would have to say that this is a good brand of shisha and the price is really nice for what you get. So to find more products and reviews like Samba go check out the other blogs and  also to see new products and keep up to date with sales and promotions follow smoking hookah on facebook and twitter. As always Im Daniel Springs, keep smoking.