76" Freeze Bazooka hose

Ok first looking at this hose you are going to wonder if it came right out of a Rambo movie. I say this because the freezable tip looks just like the end of an RPG (rocket propelled grenade) so traditionally it does look just like a bazooka. How does it work? Well first of all, it comes with 2 mouthpieces. The first is a traditional acrylic mouthpiece that you can use for just a normal session. However the second, add the bazooka tip to cool the smoke down for a cooling experience. You simply unscrew the mouthpiece and place in some freezer bags that come with the hose. Of course you want to freeze the bags before using the hose so they cool your smoke. I have a hose similar in design to this one that I keep my freeze parts in my freezer so that I will always be ready to cool my smoke down for any session. This hose is a great design not only because you can use the hose to cool your smoke but also if your freeze bags are not ready yet you can put the traditional moutpiece on and go ahead and get your smoke on. So dont wait glide on over and pick yourself up one before they melt away