ets talk about how awesome this contest was. First of all you had the chance to win the 28" Kremlin Hookah free and free of shipping, all you had to do to win was post a comment giving a visual review on the Kremlin hookah. Let me tell you, we had a lot of entries for this competition and they were all great. The winner chosen had a great visual review on this hookah and made some great comparisons. He wrote about the structure and how it is beneficial both visually and functionally. Read it for yourself:

"Standing just under two-and-a-half feet tall, the Kremlin Hookah, vaguely reminiscent of Berlin's Fernsehturm, has a number of simple features that look to make it a high quality piece. The relatively wide base of the vase looks like it should give enough weight at the bottom of the hookah to provide great support without worry of tipping. The modern-looking wind cover will be sure to protect your floors should it still tip, and will protect your coals should you be enjoying your hookah outdoors. The downstem is firmly attached but easily removable for easy cleaning, with the single hose inlet featuring more of the same. The deeply coloured vase provides a great contrast to the chrome stem and windcover, featuring a more modern decanter-shape with traditional patterning around its edges. The Kremlin looks to be a solid addition to any collection, sure to earn itself more than just a passing glance from enthusiasts and novices alike."-Jordan Rakowski

We had a lot of other really great posts and I'll let you read them for yourself:
"I beleive the hookah pictured above deserves a 10 because it has that ype of modern look to it. Also the complete detail put into it just makes it seem like a selected peice of unique art."-Walter Ruzycky

"This hookah gets a 10 from me! Where should I start? The size of this hookah is really convenient because of its transportability. It could fit in any bag or small suitcase! The glass is colourfull and also has beautifull embossed patterns on it. Moreover it is pretty sturdy and it would survive a few falls and will not have a scratch. (I have the same in a different colour on one of my hookahs.) The Stem looks really awesome! The hose is a just a regular hose. It lasts long and works perfect! (I have 2 of those and I am very satisfied) Last but not least, the bowl and its amazing wind cover! The bowl is large so the flavour will last longer. Now about the wind cover... Absolutely remarkable! It matches the stem and gives this modern look. No wind will stop you smoking outside. Take your hookah out on the balcony or at a beach! No problem at all!!! All in all, I would totaly recommend it! It is a wonderfull modern hookah, and a must have for all hookah fans!"-Χρήστος Βλάχος

"10+++++ From what I've seen these hookahs are top notch hookahs and smoke amazingly! Great size , so it's not hard to transport. Nice looking bowl and nice hose. The stem (shaft) looks incredible. I know for sure this hookah deserves a video that will be on youtube. I do recommend this hookah to anyone."-Cody Mauldin

"I would say a 10, the base is absolutely beautiful like a work of art (I mean glass blowing is art but the colors and everything work perfect together) I like the cover around the bowl its a very modern type look and you can tell its not cheap made at all, it will last a long time."-Cody Hunter

"It is simply amazing, an easy 10 from all sides. It is 28 inches of pure beauty and perfection, smoking it would be like going to heaven. The glass color and design is wonderful and the hose looks as comfortable as it can be."-Edgars Elge
"10+ the modern design is simply stunning, jaw droppingly beautiful anyone who owns this hookah should feel like royalty with every pull every straw would feel and look like pre majesty"-Dan Masochrist Willard

"I would give a 6-7 for the design plus the height. From the design, reminds me of the MYA manufacturer, they are quality chinese hookahs which I've heard good reviews from. I'm a traditional fusion with post-modern fan of hookah design which comes to the point where I like my hookah with a suitable,balance tray. I have had a very old traditional hookah without a tray, its piling onto my exhaustion. The hose can be replace since the Kremlin is using a hose port similar to MYAs. This feedback is based on my observation alongside knowledge and experience."-Rahim Rahman

So there you have it some of the entries from our facebook contest. Next time be sure to enter and make sure you tell your friends to enter as well. If you dont win maybe one of them will win and you will still get to use the hookah. So be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ to keep up to date on all the new promotions, contests, and giveaways.