A guide to using the e-Go electronic hookah

When I first heard of the electronic hookah I was shy about trying it. Hookah to me is the ritual in which I set the hookah up and then smoke. Its like crafting something and using it and feeling that joy of being able to use something you created.

While the e-Go takes away that feeling and the tedious task of putting it all together just to take it apart and clean it, it gives you instant smoke and enjoyment. First to get set to smoke you neet to remove the mouth tip. Its simple you unscrew it and twist it out of the clearatomizer. Next you want to squirt some of your flavored juice into the clearatomizer. Now when you do this make sure not to dribble any into the heating element you dont want to get that wet, it just needs to slide down the walls of the clearatomizer. Next thing is to replace your mouth tip, just reverse the process, but be sure to wipe excess juice from the tip. Now you want to screw your battery into the clearatomizer. There is a safety lock on your battery so you may have to press the power button five times to unlock it.

Locking the unit also takes five swift clicks. Now you are ready to smoke, press the button and hold it in for a few seconds while you suck on the tip. You want to suck on the tip 10 times then shake and roll the juice around in the clearatomizer to ensure that you dont burn your heating element. When you run low on juice just refill using the directions we just covered. When the battery is low you can use the charger provided and plug it into any USB power outlet to charge. The batteries last for a long period of time I have had the e-Go for over a month and I smoke it occasionally and I still am running on its first charge. The smoke you get off the unit is thick and you can do smoke tricks and the flavor is very good. My wife loves to smoke it. To see it in action you can watch my YouTube review on the e-Go. For more tips tricks and information follow on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Twitter.

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