E-Nargy vapor juice

This is a non nicotine flavored juice for your electronic hookah. The e-Go or the Blow pens will both use this juice. Now what you will not get with this product is a buzz. I say this because there is no nicotine like in shisha tobacco that produces the buzz. What you will get from this is around 500 puffs of a tasty vapor that will give you enough of a cloud to do your favorite hookah tricks. How does it work? Well you start by pouring in some of the liquid into your electronic device and you simply inhale like you would a cigarette, cigar, or pipe. Now when you breathe out you will see a vapor cloud. This vapor does not have a bad smell or taste. It smells and tastes just like the flavor of the juice. The flavors include: Grapes Pomegranate Sweet Malon Mint Cherry Apple Pineapple Raspberry Damson Plum Cola Blueberry Strawberry  So as you can see there is an array of flavors to choose from. So go pick some up and taste for yourself!