The New Fiesta package

All I can say is wow! I mean all the stuff you get with this package is an awesome deal. You get your hookah, 2 hoses, a clay bowl, a double bowl, a pair of tongs, 4 packs of shisha, 6 packs of coals, 25 mouthtips, 2screens and it even comes with a cleaning brush. This is a great deal if you smoke a lot of shisha with friends. I say this because it comes with everything you need for a party, or should I say Fiesta yai yai yai yai! A 28 inch hookah puts out a lot of smoke that is smokey but add another hose and it just makes even more. Adding a hose usually means you burn through shisha faster, so whats better than a full bowl? How about 2 full bowls? With the double bowl you can make your session really last with a crowd by loading up both sides with your favorite shisha, or even load it up with your two favorite shishas to mix the flavor and spice up the party. So for the money this is a very good way to start the party. You get 25 mouthtips so you can use those for not only just one party but many. The 4 packs of shisha will most likely last for a couple of parties as well as the 6 packs of coals. I usually use 2 coals per bowl per session. Double bowls will use two times the amount of shisha and coal, so be prepared. So dance your way over and get this party started. Yai Yai Yai Yai Yai!