Today Im going to talk about Fumari and describe for you in the best of words about this shisha. Fumari is a tobacco based shisha and it does contain nicotine. The nicotine content is not displayed on the package so I cannot tell you what it is.
I can tell you however, that this shisha does pack a good buzz. The consistancy of this shisha is very wet and its a very good shisha that has very few if any stems. Sorting and picking through this shisha is not neccesary. I like to use a vortex bowl for this shisha because it seems to last a long time using one. If you have a phunnel bowl I would suggest using one as well. I dont have a phunnel bowl anymore, mine got damaged and I had to thow it away or I would probably use it instead of a vortex bowl.
The flavor is very good. I have smoked the Ambrosia and Mimosa flavors so far and the flavor lasts for an hour to hour and a half depending on how you maintain your bowl. I would rate this one of the top brands of shisha to smoke because it is very well made.
I like to stick with Al-Fakher and Nakhla but I would rate this as a close competitor. This shisha is wetter than Nakhla but doesnt have a color like Al-Fakher. It is a natural color, brown, with a wet molases base. The packaging is unique, it is a zipper bag style that has a tear away top that you rip away to expose the zipper bag inside. I like the little window that lets you see the shisha before you open it. Although the package is nice if you dont keep it upright it will leak flavor out onto whatever its sitting on. For more information and to see it in action watch my YouTube video reviews. As always, Im Daniel Springs, Keep Smoking!

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