the 75" Egyptian Washable hose for your hookah.

The 75" Egyptian washable hose is both practacal just as much as it a visual pleasing piece to your hookah. How you may ask? For one, it is washable and the mouthtips come apart for easier and faster cleaning. Second it is styled like an Egyptian hose but made with a modern style on the inside making this hose durable and can withstand a good cleaning. Now I have an authentic Egyptian handmade and hand painted hose that came home with a friend vacationing in Egypt, I am afraid to clean it let alone use it because it is one of a kind. The 75" Egyptian washable hose is made to be used and abused. You can clean it with water and take the mouthtip off so that you can clean it with your cleaning brushes. I have all kinds of acrylic hoses and they are hard to keep clean because I cant take the mouthtips off. Now lets talk about the look, these hoses look like authentic Egyptian hoses. They come in a variety of colors such as: Black Snake, Golden Black, and Silver. My favorite of the 3 is Golden Black.So what are you waiting for? Go pick one up while they are still around.