Here are 3 of the best hookah games I have played with friends on multiple occasions:

Game 1: HOOKAH
This type of game focuses on the hangman or HORSE concept with a twist. The game begins when one player does a trick with the hookah such as blowing an 'O' or a ring of smoke. The other user of the Hookah has to copy the trick and then perform a trick for the other user to copy. If the next person cannot perform a trick, they gain a letter which in this case would start off as an H. Once a person gains all the letters, spelling HOOKAH. They have to do a task that the group has chosen for the loser of the game. Some tasks may be either cleaning the hookah pipe or buying the next packs of Shisha that we would use for the next session.

Game 2: Smoke Comp
Smoke Comp, short for smoke competition, is a variation of two games that are both equally entertaining. The first game focuses on seeing who has a greater lung capacity. Basically we would take a deep pull on the hookah to see who could blow out the most smoke. The person who exhales the least amount of smoke would lose. Some times during this game we implement a slap bet. Basically, the loser would get slapped at the end of the game if they exhale the least amount of smoke. The second smoking competition game we would play is to see who could hold in their smoke the longest. Once a player inhaled from the hookah, that player would have to keep it in their lungs until it gets passed around back to them. If a player isn't able to hold the smoke until the rotation is complete and gets passed back to them, they would lose.

Game 3: Hookah Olympics
The hookah Olympics is a series of games that every player would participate in to see who is the ultimate winner of all the games combine. Each team would get a certain amount of points for each game that they win and at the end of the session the players with the most points would win the hookah Olympics. The 1st event is called the thick cloud competition. The second event is called the bubbly relay Olympics, basically after blowing a bubble the player would have to get to a certain destination while fanning the bubble down the path of that destination without popping it. The third event is the upside down smoke off, players would be held upside down, while they continuously smoke the hookah until the first player gives up. These games in particular, is ideal for long parties and requires the participation of at least 5 people, with 7 being a much better situation. There should also be a minimum of 3 teams, with two outside players as the judges of the event.