Finding the right kit can be tricky for someone who is inexperienced with hookah setups. With so many choices out there, it can be hard to figure out which hookah kit would work best for your personal usage. From price to the materials the hookah is made from and how it’s set up, as well as possible extras offered with the kit, here are some basics to follow that will help you choose the best.

Before you take anything else into consideration; know exactly the maximum amount you’re going to spend, as this will quickly narrow down the brands available to you. In general, the price of modern hookahs will be cheaper than those directly from Egypt or Syria. The higher quality modern hookahs are the ideal choice for beginners that want to try the hookah experience without investing too much.

They’ll also provide smooth pulls upward of 2 years if you are not a heavy user. They weigh much less due to the lighter materials used in production.

Egyptian and Syrian Hookahs
These hookahs are made from stainless steel, copper, brass or other heavier metals. If you’re a heavy hookah user, it’s in your best interest to buy an Egyptian or Syrian hookah. I currently own a Syrian hookah that I’ve used for the past five years. I’ve even used it on my balcony during all kinds of weather conditions (rain, snow and wind) with no problems whatsoever.

Like modern hookahs, the Egyptian hookahs come in varying levels of quality, with the Khalil Mamoon being the most famous and reputable brand out there. Because of its high quality, this hookah is one of the most expensive on the market today.

An alternative that‘s much less expensive, but of the same quality is Megah