When it comes to hookah, shisha is one of the most important things to take care of to ensure a good session. First of all how to store your shisha, first look at the package it will tell you how to store it. Store your shisha in a cool dry place so that it doesnt dry out and go bad on you. If you are going to let shisha sit for any period of time I suggest handling it from time to time so that you can keep the molases in the shisha and it doesnt dry out. The easiest way to do this is to put it into a zipper bag after you open the package. This will keep air out and make it easy for you to squeeze the molases back into the shisha. Try to keep the shisha in its original container as well so that it stays cool and the light doesnt dry it out. Yes shsiha does have an experation date so keep this in mind, it should be printed somewhere on the original packaging. When using shisha you should mix it up before placing it in the bowl so that you get an even amount of malases across your shisha. Now dont pack it in the bowl too tight and dont put too much in the bowl. A typical bowl holds about 15 grams of shisha. You also want to fluff your shisha when you put it in the bowl so that it gets even airflow across it. If you pack it too tight and too full you will not be able to draw from your hookah very easily and it will make your session really hard and you wont enjoy it. Now that you have done this step make sure to place your foil or screen tight against the bowl so that there are no leaks and you get a good amount of heat and airflow around the shisha when smoking. If using foil, you should poke a good amount of holes in your foil so that not only air can get through but you also want an even amount of heat to flow across the shisha getting a good smoke off of it. I suggest poking about 25 holes in the foil and poke them as symetrically as you can across the bowl. Also while smoking make sure to move your coal or coals across the bowl every few minutes to ensure that you are getting an even heat across the shisha and it doesnt burn in one spot. If you leave the coal or coals in one spot for too long your shisha could burn and you will get a thick harsh smoke that is unenjoyable.