I will help you with any issues you need and I have a lot of experience to help you with. I have had people come to me with issues and they cant figure out how to solve them. One guy I had came to me and said "My smoke is really weak" after looking at his hookah for a moment I realized immediately that he had no ball bearing in the carb of his hookah. This was preventing him from getting the proper suction and seal he needed to draw the smoke through the hookah and into his hose, not only that but he was sucking more air through the carb than what was coming in from the bowl so he really wasnt getting smoke. My solution the the issue was simple, aluminum foil. I folded a small piece of aluminum foil over the hole in the carb and replaced the carb cap to prevent air from coming in through the carb completely. Now this fixed the issue until he could get a replacement and this meant he couldnt clear the base of stagnant smoke but at least he could smoke. Another issue I have had brought to my attention was that someone had a hookah and it did not come with a case and they wanted to transport it. Transporting a hookah is hard without a case and could potentially damage it. I had always kept my hookah and hookah equipment stowed away in a small toolbox because my first hookah came from a street vendor in Egypt and came with a small berlap case that wasnt very rigid and tough. I put my hookah, tongs, hose, extra bowl and grommets, shisha and charcoal in this box along with some extra foils to go on the bowl. I also kept a towel in the toolbox just to keep things clean when I was using the hookah. I told them about this and ever since then they have been using a toolbox to store their hookah and transport it. So I openly invite you to bring yourself, questions, and your issues and trouble to my attention on facebook www.facebook.com/smoking-hookah , twitter @smokinghookah , google+ Smoking-Hookah , and youtube www.youtube.com/smokinghookah1 . As always Im Daniel Springs, keep smoking.