Modern clay bowl

This bowl provides the look and feel of a clay bowl but has the technology of a vortex bowl. While your standard clay bowl holds the shisha and the holes are placed in the bottom of the bowl, this clay bowl is made more in the style of a vortex bowl. There is a spire that stands in the center of this bowl creating a channel that runs around it. The holes are placed in the side of this spire to let the shisha and juice rest in the bottom of the bowl without it being drawn through the shaft, down the stem, and wasted into the water. This prolongs the length of your session and ensures that you get every drop of flavor from your shisha. This is a great design but holds that clay look for hookah lovers that like to keep it old school. I love the design and look myself. I use a vortex bowl or modern bowl anytime I can get away with it because they are low maintenence during a session and they seem to make the flavor last throughout the entire session. Roll on over and pick yourself up one before they blow away!