Samba shisha tobacco

Samba makes me think of a style of dance rather than a shisha. The first flavor I smoked was the Hawaiian Pineapple, next came All Night Long. The scent that came from the shishas was very pleasant and I enjoyed the flavor of the smoke just as much as smelling the unsmoked tobacco. When I smoked this tobacco the flavor danced across my taste buds and gave me a good buzz. This shisha tobacco contains .05% nicotine and will give you a buzz quick. The shisha consists of minced up tobacco that has had the stems sorted out and is saturated in molases and flavoring. It remains raw for the most part and has no dye or coloring added. This gives you an alternative to some of the shishas on the market that have been dyed such as Al-Fakher. Overall, its wet, gives off a good buzz and it doesnt contain any dyes that color the shisha like other brands on the market. The packaging and labeling is very simple and easy to read and understand. The container is nice and the shisha comes in a sealed bag that you can wrap up and place back in the metal container to store. I would have to say that this is a good brand of shisha and the price is really nice for what you get.