When setting up your hookah you should follow some steps to keep your preparation simple but clean. When I say clean I mean that when you set up your bowl it can get messy so you should start with this step last. The first step you should make sure to add the proper amount of water to your base. Now if you are adding ice make sure that you give some room for your ice to melt as well. Now you are ready to drop the shaft and stem into your base. When doing this I like to wet the grommet so it doesnt get damaged and it helps lubricate the parts moving in and gives the hookah a better seal. Next test your carb and make sure its working properly. You can do this by putting a finger over the hole at the top of the shaft and blowing back into the hose fitting. Once your carb is working properly you can move onto putting your bowl together. Depending on the style and material of bowl you use depends on how you should set it up. With a vortex or funnel bowl it will set up differently than a traditional bowl. You want to place your shisha in the bowl but not packing it tight. Fluff it up a little so that air can travel through the shisha and you get a clean burn. Packing it too tightly will make your shisha burn uneven and your draws will be hard and your smoke will be thin. Next you want to put your foil or screen on your bowl. If you are using foil you want to make sure to seal it tight so that no air passes through the sides of the bowl, now you are ready to poke your holes. I suggest poking about 25 holes in your foil to make sure you get a good airflow throught the foil and an even burn on your shisha. You dont want too much heat too fast or your shisha will burn and not bake. Now you are ready to put the coal on top and plug in your hose. When adding coals make sure there is even airflow across the coals and you dont add too much coal because you can burn your shisha. Figuring this step out is dependant on you. You will just have to play with it and find your comfort zone on how thick you want your smoke.