16" Black Crown Hookah

Im going to talk to you a little about the Black Crown Hookah from www.smoking-hookah.com today. This hookah arrived to me and I was impressed by the quality right out of the box. I looked at the shaft and the ash tray and saw how thick and well crafted they were. The glass base was a generic base that I have seen on a couple of other models that just happens to be black instead of the other colors that went with those hookahs. Right away I looked inside the shaft to check out the quality. I had to trim a couple of burrs off the inside where I could see that the holes were machined out and hadnt been cleaned up but that was no problem. I quickly removed them with my knife and cleaned the hookah well before I used it to get rid of any stagnant air or dust from shipping. The bowl is unique because its a standard bowl that tapers in at the top so you can use only 1 coal to heat the shisha. Now I usually use my vortex bowl for reviews so I still have not tried the bowl out. To my suprise this hookah also is capable of using the Modern Ice Chamber from smoking-hookah.com and so I use it on this hookah every time. The hose is generic like you would expect but the smoke you get out of this hookah is very nice. This hookah smokes better than some of the larger hookahs I have smoked in hookah bars. For the price I think that you are getting a really good bargain because this hookah is not only beautiful but it is thick and well crafted. Its made a lot heavier than other hookahs in its class. The gold inlay really is accented well with the contrast of black or onix color in the shaft and base. The ash tray and hardware are all very nice and are a dull almost bronze color that really look great on this hookah. So in my opinion this hookah looks great as well as performs great. To see this baby in action go watch my video review on it and as always, Im Daniel Springs, Keep Smoking!