The Soguk
I wanted to write about a product today that I use very often and everyone can use with every session. Everyone has their opinion on style of hookah, brand and flavor of shisha, and brand and style of charcoal, but what about how they cool their smoke? Cooling your smoke you only have one option right? Ice, freezing your hookah or hose? Well the Soguk is the solution to the problem. The Soguk is comfortable to hold while being frozen but is still useful and cools your smoke way down. When I smoke with guests I like to use the Soguk because it makes the smoke more dense but also makes it cold and less harsh for my guests. I am an avid smoker I could smoke anything, load up a car tire in my bowl and I can smoke it, my guests on the other hand may not be able to handle thick harsh smoke. With the Soguk I dont have to worry about the smoke being harsh because it gets cooled down and condensed so that it is lighter on the lungs. Sometimes I impress them by hitting them with a triple threat, ice in the base, the Ice Chamber on the shaft, and the Soguk on the hose. You want to have a cold smoking session thats how you do it. Well dont just read about it here is a video so go see it in action.