ooooh Windguards!

This month I wanted to touch on a subject I never really get to talk about and thats windguards. Im talking about the windguard you put on your hookah not a spell from Harry Potter.
What is a windguard and what does it do? Well lets talk about the types of windguards first. Ok lets start with the smallest windguard and go from there, you can actually have a hinged windguard that attaches to your ceramic bowl.
These are handy for smoking indoors when a lot of movement or unpredictable circumstances may arise. Why do I say this?, because these wind guards lock onto the bowl creating a secure fit and if your hookah spills your coal will stay in the bowl and windguard preventing it from burning your floor.
Next, we will talk about the big brother to this windguard and it is a closed top windguard. These windguards are like a cap for your hookah they will hold the coal in place when smoking outside where there is heavy wind but they also do not create a suction that will blow the ash all over the place. They are usually bullet or cone shaped and have holes in the sides and top that allow air to travel through but not create a suction.
The next and final type of windguard I want to talk about is what I call the mug style of windguard.
These look like a mug or stein and typically have a handle on the side. The handle allows you to remove the winguard easily and service the bowl or coals. They usually have a large open top like a mug or stein that allows the air to flow through them and still hold the coal in place but I feel that these can create a suction from the wind passing over the top. This suction can suck the ash off the bowl and blow it through the air. Now what do windguards all do for you? Simple they keep the coals on the bowl and prevent them from being blown off and they also help maintain a stready heat on the bowl while smoking. For more information go watch my video about windguards on YouTube or subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ But as always Im Daniel Springs, Keep Smoking!