Lolli-Tip Candy Mouthtip

A lollipop and hookah mouthtip combined, the Lolli-Tip. This incredible tip helps to enhance flavor and comes in 12 different flavors to match most hookah type flavors. This one of a kind product is made in the USA and we are one of the exclusive dealers for this product.
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Lolli-Tips are hand made in the USA with quality juicy hard candy blends. Lolli-Tips strive to provide just the right amount of sweet, sour, or mint to your hookah experience without overbearing your tastebuds. From the second your appetizing lips touch, to the moment you exhale, this savory fusion aims to set the standard for flavor satisfaction. Lolli-Tip takes pride in providing an exceptional product for an honest price. So do yourself a flavor and turn your conventional hookah tips into the crowd pleasing made to order Lolli-Tip.

Lolli-Tip Flavors:

Watermelon Glaze - A full bodied watermelon with a savory twist

Tutti Frutti - A tangy all fruit blend with a tart bite

Golden Guava - A refreshingly smooth crisp guava

Mighty Mint - An invigorating icy mint

Blue Dream - A remastered blend of the exotic blue raspberry

Tropical Punch - A un-matched savory citrus and tropical fusion

Marsh Cake - A creamy blend of marshallow and cake batter

Double Apple - A flavor packed traditional taste with a hint of mint

Melon Dew- A sweet honeydew melon 

Lemon Pucker- Nice sour lemon taste

Fuzzy Peach- A refreshing peach taste

Mystery- ??????

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