Alchemist Shisha 100g Stout

ALCHEMIST STOUT LINE is a dark leaf shisha tobacco with higher levels of nicotine.

ALCHEMIST STOUT LINE masters the complex fusion of the esteemed and prestigious cigar tobacco industry with the traditional world of shisha. All the flavors developed in this series features sun grown, dark leaf tobacco distinguished as “ligero” in the premium tobacco industry. Undergoing an extra stage of fermentation, the “ligero” tobacco unlocks and slowly evolves into a dark concentrated leaf releasing high levels of nicotine. Preferred by the advanced smokers with a highly developed palate, Stout line is robust & full-bodied in flavor. Using the perfect balance of flavoring, we are able to preserve the true tobacco notes to give subtle undertones of oak, wood, earth, and smoke.

Flavors 100g: Black Bear, Black Moon Melon, Double Apple, Guminati, Lemon Mint, Stone Mint

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