Smoking Tips

Useful Tips for Smoking and Maintenance

How To Know Which Hookah ?
First go online to see what is available in hookah products.

How To Set Up The Hookah ?
Go to our quick setup guide:

Water Bowl :
Add water at least so that it is covering an inch of the bottom of the metal shaft

Thicker Smoke And Flavour :
Using milk, beer, juices, wine instead are nice ideas

Etiquette In The Hookah Lounge :
Respect other people who are "regulars"

Clay, Ceramic and Acrylic Tobacco Bowls :
Buy a few extra in case one falls and breaks.

Coals :
Use as the minimum ammount of charcoal as you can while attempting to get the maximum in taste and smoke.

Make Your Own "Diffuser" :
A diffuser will literally diffuse and filter more air thruogh the water

Don't Do This :
Don't eat while you smoke the nargeelah, and don't drive while you smoke!

Health Tips :
Some authorities say that brass hookahs which are traditional and non-breakable from the traditional times are dangerous to smoke.

Special Effects :
For special effects in your water bowl buy a glow stick or glow balls and turn off the lights while you smoke.

Ways To Get More Flavour :
Add fruit juice to the water

Way To Get Good Merchandise :
Always buy the best premium of each object available

Cleaning :
Clean the hookah after every smoking session right away so that the gunk and dirt do not have a chance to dry and make the job 5 times harder.

Water Glass Bowl :
Pour in at least enough water so that it covers the bottom of the metal shaft.

Shisha :
Upon recieving a new box of shisha...

Grommets :
Always have extra grommets on hand, they wear down.

On The Go Smoke :
If you are camping out