Gilani Glass XL Tank Hookah


The 1 Hose Gilani Glass XL Tank Hookah is 10 inches tall and is capable of up to 2 hoses. The Gilani Glass XL Tank model is made in USA. The Gilani XL Tank hookah comes with premium glass funnel bowl and premium aluminum handle silicone hose.

Gilani Hookahs - We take great pride in designing our product to meet and exceed the standards of our customers. The President of Gilani Hookah begins the design, working closely with our glass expert to produce the next model. Our mission is not to produce in mass quantity, instead, focus on quality. When a design comes to life, our team tests the product to make recommendations before we place our seal of approval. Such recommendations may include ; shortening or lengthening of certain components of the glass hookah in order to find the balance in between the smoke and the smoothness when inhaled. Our hookahs are constructed solely in the USA with high quality glass. Designs are all around us and we will continue to incorporate the beauty of simplicity and the talent of craftsmanship to reveal the next Gilani Hookah Experience.


Funnel Style Glass Bowl

Glass Stem

Glass Down Tube

Silicone Hose with Aluminum Tip

Glass Pressure Release Valve

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