Shisha Mug Freezable Hookah


Shishamug is a portable freezer mug that is actually a frozen hookah! Comes with hose, bowl, and tongs. The base is freezable for a cold, refreshing smoke. Has a LED light at the bottom for a nice smoking feature and is made from hard acrylic. Shisha mug is a great portable hookah that you can freeze!

Shishamug is a portable freezer mug that is actually a frozen hookah! This discreet hookah is on a mission to change the way people enjoy their shisha. This pipe makes your shisha so much smoother due to the freezer mug that cools the smoke down and reduces harshness. The frozen chamber is extremely rare for a hookah or any other pipe for that matter and makes the Shishamug a great choice for a more pleasant shisha smoking experience. The lower temperatures definitely help soothe the throat that some people complain about with certain shisha blends and lower quality shishas. Heavy duty and stable, the Shisha Mug is a completely original design made with high-quality CNC machined aluminum parts. The mug design makes the pipe extremely easy to carry and compact which creates added convenience. The design allows the body of the entire pipe to be contained within a simple sturdy mug is very easy to clean up and conceal. If you want to step up the smoking session fun, it also features a built-in light show with a replaceable LED light so you can continue to smoke in style. The Shisha mug comes with a replacement screen and a pair of charcoal tongs. The Shishamug is a 1 hose or single hose hookah setup and is technically for personal use. However, the pipe is also quite shareable with a friend or group of friends. *Available in assorted colors, like blue, green, red, pink and black. Let us know if you have a color preference and we will do our best to accommodate. (Blue is shown in the picture.) Browse more pipes like this one or browse related accessories. Learn more about selecting the best hookah pipe for your needs in our blog or contact us if you have any additional questions.

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