Steamulation Ultimate Hookah


Enjoy incredible experiences together – with the Steamulation Ultimate. The hookah you need and want if you love to share your smoking pleasure with others, but don’t want all the disadvantages of a regular 4-hose hookah. The Ultimate offers you unprecedented features and a lightness that you only know from 1-hose hookahs.

Includes: Base

Not Included: Hose, Handle, & Bowl

Country of Origin: Germany

Steamulation Ultimate Hookah with 4 Hose Ports:

Ultimate Perfected Draught - Moon Gravity:

With the Moon Gravity technology, the 4-hose airflow has been brought to perfection. The difference in smoking behavior between 1-hose and 4-hose models is mainly due to the need for check valve balls. Heavy balls made of ceramic, steel or glass ensure a better seal, but also a higher resistance due to the weight, which makes it more difficult to pull. Moon Gravity technology ensures that the balls are removed from the flow channel and a large part of their weight is compensated for by a fluidic trick. This reduces the weight of the ball by 83% and thus creates physical conditions similar to those on the moon! This has made it possible to improve the draught in the base by a total of 50% without reducing the tightness.

Moon Gravity – for your weightless smoking experience!


STEAMCLICK 360° & XPANSION SYSTEM - Dual Connection System:

For the first time, the two most modern locking technologies in the world have been combined – the integration of SteamClick AND Xpansion allows you to use your hookah more flexibly than ever before – without any adapters. SteamClick – the world’s most uncomplicated click closure. It is characterized in particular by maximum stability and speed. Open and close the shutter with a single, simple hand movement in a fraction of a second. Xpansion – the most flexible closure for plug-in hookahs ever invented. With conventional plug-in hookahs, the base and bowl are often connected to each other either very tightly or too loosely with a seal. As every bowl is slightly different, the base and bowl almost never match perfectly! Thanks to Steamulation Xpansion technology, you don’t have this problem anymore! Simply twist the cap to fit any standard vase perfectly!


STEAMULATION AIRFLOW CONTROL - From traditional to super light:

For your perfect smoking experience. Each hose connection can be individually adjusted to set the optimum airflow for each user and ensure the perfect smoking experience. The wide adjustment range of the AirFlow Control offers you unique customizability – for a draw to suit your taste! Choose continuously between traditional and modern light draw – find out which draw you like best. The optimized shape of the hose connections directs rising moisture directly back into the base, making your smoking experience even more pleasant.



The Steamulation Ultimate features the world’s most advanced blow-out system for multi-hose hookahs. The unique Steamulation Purge Pro valves allow anyone you want to smoke with to easily blow out without having to remove valve balls. The valves of all four smoke connections work automatically in both directions (smoke & blow out). The intelligent system can even compensate for excess pressure in the hookah and then use the free hose connections to blow off if necessary.



Thanks to Dip Tube Control, you can easily adjust the dip tube of your Steamulation Ultimate to different sized bowls and the optimum water level in 10 stages. By shortening or lengthening it, the Ultimate’s draught and pull can be further customized. Smoke with and without diffuser. Experience the unique Steamulation smoke sensation!



The Advanced Diffuser is inspired by the well-known Steamulation Cooling Diffuser. A floating ball in the diffuser prevents the water column from rising and oscillating in the dip tube. This supplements the overpressure function, as it is impossible to flood the shisha. It also optimizes the overall smoking behavior. When pulling, you immediately feel a pleasant draught, as the water does not have to be removed from the dip tube first.


HIGHEST QUALITY AND PRECISION - The hookah for a lifetime:

You don’t want to keep buying new hookahs – with Steamulation you don’t have to. Durability and wear resistance thanks to the SteamClick closure and V2A and V4A stainless steel mean less stress and more smoking pleasure for you. Permanently.

The Steamulation Ultimate impresses with its perfected workmanship. All metal parts are created by our certified Steamulation experts at an unrivaled level of production in Germany. From the milling in the smoke column to the detailed design of the base. This involves the use of 5-axis high-precision turning/milling centers, which machine the metal parts of all Steamulation shishas to surgical quality and maximum precision.

Includes: Base

Not Included: Hose, Handle, & Bowl

Country of Origin: Germany

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