Steamulation Ultimate One Hookah


The Steamulation Ultimate One

Whether you are a hookah lounge owner or a single-hose enthusiast – experience unparalleled moments of pleasure with the Ultimate One, the single-hose version of the best shisha 2023.

With a fantastic draught and all the exciting Steamulation® features, the Ultimate One offers you a truly unique overall package, developed for you and your guests. Whether exclusively in your lounge or comfortably at home – this premium hookah sets new standards.

Includes: Base

Not Included: Hose, Handle, & Bowl

Country of Origin: Germany

Steamulation Ultimate One Hookah - 1 Hose Version


Thanks to the optimized smoke channel and perfected AirFlow Control, you can feel the incredible draught with every puff – and can adjust it to your individual needs as usual. The increased adjustment range from very light to traditionally strong resistance offers you a unique smoking experience to suit your taste.


STEAMCLICK 360° & XPANSION SYSTEM - Dual Connection System:

Ultimate flexibility without adapters: Dual Connection System – the combination of the fastest and most flexible fastener in the world.

Thanks to the Xpansion kit included in the scope of delivery, you can attach your Steamulation Ultimate One to any standard-sized plug-in bowl in no time at all.

Note: Plug-in bowls with a neck diameter of 44.5mm – 47mm are compatible.
The Ultimate One is supplied with the original Steamulation Bowl with SteamClick closure. It is compatible with the Ultimate Bowl, but not with the bowls of the Pro X models.


DECIDE FOR YOURSELF! - Flexibility 2.0:

With the Ultimate One, you can not only choose which bowl you want to use thanks to the well-known Dual Connection System.

Thanks to the new thread adapter included in the scope of delivery, you can now also choose whether your charcoal plate should be firmly attached to the smoke column or simply removable as before with the 18/8 ground joint adapter. You can switch between the two versions in no time at all and adapt your Ultimate One to suit any situation.



Your draught is as individual as you are!

Thanks to its optimized geometry, the AirFlow Control function of the Ultimate One offers you the highest adjustment options of all Steamulation models.

Adjust your desired resistance to the draw individually and intuitively while smoking. Thanks to the wide range of settings from very light to traditionally strong, you can adapt the smoke sensation of your Ultimate One perfectly to your taste. The stepless regulator widens or narrows the smoke channel in the hose connection and can be rotated 360°. Fine millings on the hose connection and base show you how far the connection is open or closed.


HIGHEST QUALITY AND DURABILITY - The hookah for a lifetime:

The Steamulation Made-in-Germany quality: Precise down to the smallest detail.

You don’t want to keep buying new shishas – with Steamulation you don’t have to. Durability and wear resistance thanks to the steam-click closure and V2A and V4A stainless steel mean less stress and more smoking pleasure for you. Permanent.



Conveniently adjust the dip tube of your Ultimate One in 10 stages to your preferred water level or to the height of your plug-in bowl. You can also customize the smoking behavior of your shisha by adjusting the dip tube length and water level.



Light and quiet – your unique smoking experience!

The float ball integrated in the diffuser prevents water from rising into the immersion tube.

This makes it easier to suit up, as you don’t have to displace the water from the immersion tube with your breath. Due to the shorter path of the air through the water, you will feel less resistance when pulling.

Another advantage: Even if you blow out hard, you cannot flood your shisha with water, as the water is prevented from rising!

Thanks to the more compact size of the diffuser with a diameter of 31mm, your Ultimate One now even fits into particularly narrow plug-in bowls.

Includes: Base

Not Included: Hose, Handle, & Bowl

Country of Origin: Germany

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